My name is Gavin and I have been a professional builder in South Wales for the last twenty years. I decided to set up this blog after seeing so many poor construction jobs over the years.

All too often I have been called by distraught homeowners to remedy a complete catastrophe, usually done by someone calling themselves a professional builder.

The aim of this blog is to help educate both the professional and non professional alike, by giving them advice on common construction projects.

In my mission to bring building excellence to South Wales I am ably assisted by Evan, a structural engineer with a decade’s experience and Rhys, an electrician.

Like me Evan and Rhys have been serving the people of South Wales for many years and have selflessly donated their time to correcting the mistakes of so called ‘professionals’, often for no additional cost. They got on board as, like me, they know that prevention is better than the cure and want to help householders avoid the pain of a cowboy job!

We are also joined by many guest bloggers, offering their expertise in their relevant areas. So far we have featured blogs by plumbers, builders, roofers and plasterers, as well as the input by Evan and Rhys on their respective trades.

Together with my team of specialists we aim to help out the stranded homeowner and give advice to any construction professionals in need of help.

We are adding to our blog all the time and hope to put together a comprehensive guide where homeowners and professionals can search for help topics – hence the name!

Are you a professional builder or contractor in the South Wales area who would like to write a blog for us? Unfortunately, as a not for profit site we are unable to offer payment, but any blog published will be credited and may link to a verified website.

Interested? Contact Gavin or Rhys over on our social media sites!